Efficient Use of Resources and Environmental Impact Reduction

Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Impact

Using sustainable technology


“Saving water, saving the Earth―” In our textile-related business, we engage in OEM operations and also handle denim products. The vintage denim processing, which creates a vintage feel, typically requires a large amount of water, contributing to provoking water pollution due to the discharge of various chemicals and dyes. Through this specialized processing technique, water usage can be reduced by approximately 90%.

  • Avoiding usage of chemical bleach for the textile and the product, and using a special technique to reduce environmental impactサステナブルな技術の使用の図01
  • Resistance to color fading and discolorationサステナブルな技術の使用の図02

② Product Planning Using Kornit Digital

“Kornit Digital” is a technology developed by Kornit Digital Ltd. that allows printing on clothing without using water. In the vibrant prints characteristic of “LEONARD,” we are working on product planning using this “Kornit Digital” technology.

We will continue to actively incorporate sustainable technologies in the future.