The Sankyo Seiko Group pursues business in a variety of sectors. It consistently creates new value through group synergies.


Pursuing global expansion of the British DAKS brand loved by all generations around the world and the French Paris Collection brand LEONARD, and developing diverse brands aiming to boost their prestige even higher
Brands business leads global fashion scenes. The Sankyo Seiko Group focuses its target on the luxury zone and is widely expanding business for its high-prestige brands. It is constantly adapting new trends to its products, with a focus on the British DAKS fashion brand that has remained a cherished brand for over a century and LEONARD that boasts the world’s most beautiful prints. To meet users’ demands for beautiful products and true value, the Sankyo Seiko Group will continue developing international luxury brands.


Controlling all aspects of OEM business as a trading firm specializing in textiles
The Sankyo Seiko Group covers every step of OEM business for fashion and interior design products from supply of textiles and other materials to product planning and proposals based on information collected from Europe and places around the world, selection of sewing factories, and delivery of final products. It produces a wide variety of products matched to diverse lifestyles, from highly refined, high quality apparel products to bedding and miscellaneous goods, meeting a wide range of needs in society.
Proposing high quality and design to beautify and enrich lifestyles
The Sankyo Seiko Group leverages the expertise and networks that it has developed over many years to plan and produce a wide range of ladies’, men’s, and juniors’ wear products as well as diverse products for a wide range of lifestyle scenarios, including nightwear, bedding, and interior decor items. Seeking high quality and refined designs to propose products that can beautify and enrich consumers’ lives


Moving beyond just fashion and into real estate and new business as well, promoting fluidity and sound use of group assets
In addition to fashion business and textile business, the Sankyo Seiko Group uses its assets effectively to develop real estate business. By consistently developing business with an eye to the future, it will build a firm business structure and further boost its corporate power.
Tenant business
Large spaces for offices and shops
The Sunrise Buildings in Tokyo and Osaka are partly used as offices for group companies and partly rented out as office and shop space. It has developed this into a stable profit-making business.
Rental hall business
Business in Sunrise Buildings in excellent locations in the east and west of Japan
The Tokyo Sunrise Building has a multipurpose hall with 550 m2 of space and the Osaka Sunrise Building has an 858 m2 large event hall, a 486 m2 hall, and a 330 m2 hall. These are used for all types of events such as exhibitions, fashion shows, and conventions.
Property rental
Effective use for the location
The Sankyo Seiko Group uses its properties in a way that suits their respective location. As one part of this business, it has signed a building lease agreement with Toyoko Inn under which it builds business hotels on land the company owns in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe. It absorbed Sankyo Seiko Fudosan in April 2018 and rents out factory and warehouse space in Moriyama, Shiga, Japan.