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To our shareholders and investors

CEO Akira Inoue CEO Akira Inoue

President & CEO
Akira Inoue

The Sankyo Seiko Group’s ultimate goal is to achieve harmony among our shareholders, business partners, and employees and achieve the highest level of satisfaction for all. Above all, maximizing satisfaction of shareholders is our primary commitment. To adapt to rapidly changing society, we have advanced highly efficient management and reformed our business structure accordingly. In addition to leaving unprofitable business sectors, we have also left inefficient sectors with low future prospects, choosing the best business activities to place our focus. We have boosted efficiency and consolidated our business partners, establishing a smooth business structure. Going forward, we will continue to refine the newly-established business structure and pursue brand licensing business of the world-renowned DAKS and LEONARD brands to meet the expectations of our investors. We look forward to your continued support.