Corporate Philosophy

Company for People

Sankyo Seiko is a company for people. All employees must fully utilize their talents as a qualified part of the company with pride and confidence. In addition, employees must proactively create an environment that is free, open-minded, and creative. Doing so helps company development and brings peace and security to employees and their families.

Company for Challenges

Sankyo Seiko is a company that pursues challenges. We will continue to take on endless challenges in every aspect in order to improve people’s way of life. This is the essence of a company and our responsibility to society.

Company of Mutual Coexistence

Sankyo Seiko is a company of mutual coexistence. Our company cannot exist without understanding and cooperation from of all our business partners and related companies. Our greatest wish is for our mutual development.

Company with Social Responsibility

Sankyo Seiko is a company with social responsibility. We will contribute to society with stable and expanding management by following social ethics and norms, earning trust as we develop our business.

Basic Policy

We strive for symbiosis with our shareholders, business partners, and employees and maximum satisfaction for all.

Maximize shareholder satisfaction: Achieve high corporate value / Maximize customer satisfaction: Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by focusing closely on the customer / Maximize employee satisfaction: Fair compensation for results