International Network

Leveraging our global network to pursue company activities on a global scale.

As society becomes increasingly information-oriented, global expansion of all types of business is a certainty. In brand business especially, it is essential to be the first to know what lifestyle changes and new trends are coming and reflect them in product planning. The Sankyo Seiko Group has networks that extend to places around the world and are useful for market research, sharing information about the latest trends, and developing brands. These networks also function as powerful bases for supplying and producing products.

Global expansion of subsidiaries DAKS and LEONARD

Sankyo Seiko acquired DAKS, a prestigious British company, in 1991, and the French company LEONARD in 2022. It delivers high quality apparel products developed over years of tradition to consumers in Japan and around the globe. As a top global brand, Sankyo Seiko is committed to producing highly fashionable collections to further raise its prestige.

Sharing the latest trends from Europe

Europe is the birthplace of fashion culture. Europe continues to preserve its traditions and the processing and production technologies in advanced design. The Sankyo Seiko Group has a representative office in Paris and a local corporation in London to enable use of Europe’s unique qualities. These offices explore new brand possibilities, perform market analysis, and manage operations.

Exploring Asian markets from Hong Kong and Taiwan

Asia is the group’s area for product supply and processing, and it remains a focal point as a massive market for brand business. The Sankyo Seiko Group has established a local corporation in Hong Kong and a branch in Taiwan as bases for this key area. It markets brand apparel products to places around Asia while building a fine-tuned network as a trading firm specializing in textiles.