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CEO Akira Inoue CEO Akira Inoue

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President & CEO
Akira Inoue

Sankyo Seiko has continued contributing to society in the field of textiles since its founding in 1920, celebrating 100 years in 2020.
We have utilized the expertise that we have developed over the course of a century in every area inside and outside Japan, from raw material procurement to product planning, production, and marketing, to deliver rich lifestyle culture to consumers.
Sankyo Seiko acquired DAKS Simpson Group PLC that was established in 1894 and owns the British DAKS fashion brand in 1991 and LEONARD FASHION SAS that owns the French LEONARD fashion brand in 2022, bringing them both under our umbrella. As we pursue business in a wide range of industries such as fashion, textiles, and real estate, backed by our history, we are significantly developing our DAKS and LEONARD brand licensing business with a global strategy in mind.
The Sankyo Seiko Group covers every step of textile business from upstream to midstream and downstream elements, leveraging each group company’s unique qualities in their respective genres.
As we watch social trends become increasingly polarized, we will further reform our business structure. The Sankyo Seiko Group’s ultimate goals are to achieve the highest level of satisfaction in our shareholders, business partners, and employees and to be in harmony with society, committing to SDGs-centered management with a long-term perspective to address the diverse social issues affecting our group and help make the world more sustainable.
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