Human Resource Initiatives

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Development Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy that “our company is a people-centric organization,” we position people (employees) as the most important management resource. We aim to enhance the value of the company by promoting the development of next-generation professional talent and forming high-quality, efficient groups through the effective utilization of human resources, thus aiming to achieve alignment between the growth of the company and its employees. We promote further improvement of the skills of our personnel through regular training sessions and the establishment of reskilling support systems.

― We are the Challenger ―

We believe that the value brought about by the skills and abilities of our employees, whom we regard as the most crucial management resource in our business activities, is of utmost importance. In fostering global talent development, we actively recruit young talent for our overseas operations and conduct various training programs to enhance the value of each individual employee.

Business Skill Training

To support employee self-improvement and career advancement, we regularly introduce training programs, all of which are conducted via e-learning platforms.

Performed Period Numberof Participants Cost Training Content
DX Training 2020.12.~2021.1. 113 ¥994,400 Participants will not only gain an understanding of digital transformation (DX) but also learn about its necessity, case studies, and the methods to drive DX, exploring the changes it brings to organizations.
Personal Information Protection Law Training 2023.12.~2024.1. 403 ¥273,900 This training covers the basics of both personal information protection and the handling of business information. Participants will learn how to appropriately manage personal and business data to prevent information leaks and maintain the company’s trust.
Cybersecurity Training 189 ¥273,900
Business Skills Training 2021.1.~12. 151 ¥1,523,600 To enhance business skills, various themes and content are prepared to meet the needs of different levels, from new hires and young employees to mid-level staff and managers.
2024.1.~12. 138 ¥2,233,000
Web Marketing Training 2024.1.~12. 44 ¥3,234,000 This training focuses on the introduction and utilization of digital tools specific to the apparel and fashion industry, providing specialized knowledge to improve marketing strategies.

Under our corporate philosophy of being a “people-centric organization,” we believe that every employee must feel confident and proud, contributing to an environment that is both open-minded and creative. Therefore, we are committed to enhancing employee engagement to create a workplace that is conducive to productivity and fulfillment.

In our company, we recognize that without the contribution of women, the company cannot achieve growth, and thus, we are actively promoting female empowerment.

Domestic Locations Overseas Locations Group Total
Female Employee Ratio 53.1.% 76.6% 60.2%
Female Manager Ratio 2.8% 73.9% 30.5%