Social Contribution Activities

The Sunrise Foundation

The Sunrise Foundation, a general incorporated foundation, was established in February 2022 by SANKYO SEIKO GROUP with the aim of supporting research on various issues such as climate change and activities aimed at addressing these issues. Poverty, hunger, natural disasters, and climate change are among the many serious issues exacerbating worldwide. Particularly, global warming caused by climate change has resulted in significant damage such as heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, and floods around the world, affecting natural ecosystems as well. In this foundation, we aim to deepen research on climate change issues and work towards building a decarbonized society. We support organizations that are actively engaged in climate change mitigation and environmental conservation, regardless of specific industries or activities. This includes organizations rooted in their communities working on environmental conservation and education, as well as those engaged in environmentally conscious traditional industries. The foundation operates using dividends from our company as its operating funds.