Supply Chain Management

Initiatives by DAKS Simpson Limited

DAKS Simpson Limited, a member of the British group company DAKS, considers it essential to conduct business activities with consideration for the environment and society. They have established policies and codes of conduct addressing environmental conservation, human rights, labor issues, and quality, and share their fundamental principles with their suppliers.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Policy
  • Sustainability Procurement Policy
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Cotton Policy
  • Membership in the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

    The ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) is an association established in the UK in 1998, consisting of companies, labor unions, and NGOs worldwide that aim to improve working conditions in supply chains. As a member of the association, DAKS Simpson Limited conducts its business in accordance with ethical practices.

Future Initiatives as SANKYO SEIKO GROUP

Currently, DAKS Simpson Limited has formalized policies and codes of conduct for supply chain management. However, other group companies are addressing these issues independently. Going forward, SANKYO SEIKO GROUP will proceed with company-wide discussions to formulate policies for supply chain management as soon as possible.