Approaches and Perspectives on Biodiversity and Conservation

Our socio-economic activities depend on healthy natural capital, but the stability of this reliance is jeopardized by the loss of biodiversity and the issue of climate change. We recognize the critical state of the Earth’s environment and have set forth an environmental policy aimed at “protecting the global environment, striving for coexistence and mutual prosperity with society, and actively working to conserve the Earth’s environment for the sake of future generations. We aim to reduce excessive burdens on natural capital caused by our business activities and strive to achieve a sustainable society in harmony with nature.

  • We will prioritize the use of materials and technologies with low environmental impact and incorporate them into our product planning, considering biodiversity.
  • We will encourage our suppliers to engage in business activities that consider biodiversity.
  • We will collaborate with various stakeholders and local communities to promote conservation activities.
  • We will utilize existing resources effectively, such as by reducing waste and implementing upcycling, to contribute to the realization of a circular economy.
  • We will comply with treaties and regulations related to biodiversity.