Corporate Governance

Fundamental approach to Corporate Governance

Our fundamental approach to corporate governance is centered around the perspectives of all stakeholders, including shareholders and customers. We strive for transparency, fairness in management, thorough risk management, and timely and appropriate information disclosure. Additionally, we aim to enhance the efficiency of corporate management and expedite decision-making processes to achieve the continuous improvement of corporate value through our corporate governance policies and objectives.

Governance System

Governance Report


Basic Policies

In accordance with our corporate philosophy and code of conduct, we strive to ensure strict compliance with laws and corporate ethics among directors and employees of our group. This involves raising awareness of relevant laws, establishing internal rules and manuals, and enhancing compliance consciousness.

Establishment of Compliance Framework

We will enact a “Compliance Regulations” to outline fundamental matters related to compliance efforts. This regulation will serve as a foundational policy for compliance, and we will ensure that all directors and employees are fully informed about and comply with this regulation. We aim to establish a robust compliance framework.

Strengthening and Promoting Compliance Framework

To oversee planning and decision-making on compliance initiatives, we will establish a Compliance Committee chaired by the President, under the Board of Directors, based on the “Compliance Committee Regulations.” This committee will work to strengthen and promote the compliance framework within our group.

Establishment of Internal Control Office

As an independent internal audit organization reporting directly to the President, we will establish an “Internal Control Office” in accordance with the “Internal Audit Regulations.” This office will audit compliance with laws, articles of incorporation, and internal regulations within our group. It will also audit the efficiency of operations and investigate fraud and errors. Through objective and fair verification aligned with our company’s strategy, we will propose improvements based on audit results to enhance management integrity and efficiency.

Establishment of Corporate Ethics Helpline

To ensure compliance-related information is handled appropriately, we will establish an internal reporting system, the “Corporate Ethics Helpline,” based on the “Corporate Ethics Helpline Regulations.” This helpline will allow employees to report directly for consultation and notification purposes, aiming to prevent and detect incidents and accidents early and to correct them promptly within our company and subsidiaries.

Risk Management

Core Principles

  • Establishment of Basic Regulations

    We will enact a “Risk Management Basic Regulations” to establish fundamental guidelines for risk management. This regulation will be positioned as a basic policy for risk management, and we will ensure that all directors and employees are fully aware of and comply with these regulations. Our aim is to build a robust risk management framework.

  • Establishment of Risk Management Committee

    To discuss and approve issues and responses related to promoting risk management, we will establish a Risk Management Committee chaired by the President, under the Board of Directors, based on the “Risk Management Committee Regulations.” This committee will work to promote risk management within our group during normal operations.

  • Emergency Response Structure

    In the event of major accidents, disasters, or scandals, we will promptly establish an Emergency Response Headquarters based on the “Crisis Management Basic Regulations” to swiftly respond to the situation.

Information Disclosure

Information Security

  • Information Security Initiatives

    We have established the “Information Management Guidelines” that define basic principles for information management and are actively addressing measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.

  • Personal Information Protection Initiatives

    For personal information and specific personal information held by our company, we have established the “Personal Information Protection Regulations” and the “Specific Personal Information Handling Regulations.” We ensure that all directors and employees are fully aware of and comply with these regulations, and we have built a management system for the protection of personal information.

  • Information Security Education

    We conduct “Cyber Security Training” aimed at acquiring knowledge about information security for all employees. Additionally, we provide “Personal Information Protection Act Training” to deepen understanding about the protection of personal information.

Information Disclosure Policy

We recognize that information disclosure is a critical management issue and essential for gaining understanding from stakeholders, including shareholders. In addition to legal disclosure requirements, we actively disclose information deemed important by stakeholders, including non-financial information, through various means such as timely disclosures on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s website, securities reports, and our company website.